5 Things To Do in Goa That Deliver Distinct Experiences

5 Things To Do in Goa That Deliver Distinct Experiences

Goa is a place that beholds distinct experiences for its visitors. Whether you want to explore watersports, relish the nightlife, ride a ferry, tour the river islands by bike, hike to the towering waterfalls, or take a waterfall train ride, Goa is the perfect host to fulfill every experience you have on your bucket list. However, of all that’s there to be explored and experienced, here’s a list of the top five things to do in Goa that you shouldn’t miss.


1. Beach Shack Dining

Goa’s beachfront restaurants and shacks are breathtakingly beautiful and offer the best seafood prepared in signature Goan spices. The beach shack dining experience is accentuated with live music, karaoke, and the sound of the sea waves. The narrow lanes of Goa take you to some of the lesser-known establishments that are well worth the food, feni, and fiesta.


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2. Party at the Nightclubs

The nightlife of Goa lends an altogether different vibe after a sundowner. DJs from across the globe vie to be behind the wheel at some of the top nightclubs in Goa. From entertaining performances to tunes of techno, retro, and house music, the experience is enlivening as well as exhilarating.


3. Go Snorkeling

The Arabian Sea is a habitat of a vast variety of aquatic life. Snorkeling is the best activity for adventure-seekers who love to witness marine creatures in the pristine clear waters of Goa. Snorkeling extends an exclusive experience, away from the hustling Goan vibe.


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4. Explore the Dudhsagar Falls

Freefalling on the Mandovi river amidst thick deciduous forests, the Dudhsagar falls are a treat for nature lovers and adventure seekers, alike. Visitors can either trek to the top of the waterfall or take a train ride to reach the nearest railway station and get to the place via road to witness an unparalleled phenomenon.


5. Take the road

Your trip to Goa is incomplete without the e-bike or cycling escapades. An e-bike or cycling tour in the old city of Panaji is a blissful retreat for those interested in sightseeing and reliving the good old ways. You can take a guided tour to ensure safety while reconnecting with yourself as you explore Goa in solace.


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