Go Goa! A Collection As Lively As The Land of Beaches Itself

Go Goa! A Collection As Lively As The Land of Beaches Itself

Goa! The coastal retreat of India is known for its sun, sand, and beaches. To match the liveliness and enthusiasm that represent every tourist visiting Goa, we proudly present the Nasher Miles Goa suitcases and luggage sets. The Goa collection is curated with ten distinct colours that lend a dynamic vibe to your tour ensemble.

The Goa collection is one of the most-awaited range of luggage sets at Nasher Miles, so far this year. The team worked meticulously to think through the geometric design, contrasting zippers, handles, and wheels, and the fusion of colours that cut through the noise and make you stand out. Whether it’s the Cyan Green and Yellow luggage sets or suitcases flaunting a plush combination of Lavender and Fluorescent Green, there’s one for everyone.

The spacious compartments in the Goa collection can pack everything you’ll need for your trip. This luggage set is all you need for your carry-on and check-in luggage requirement. You can easily segregate your shoes and toiletries in the zippered divider and clothes and gadgets on the other side of these hard-shell suitcases.

Each suitcase boasts eight silent spinner wheels and telescopic handles making these trolley bags easy to maneuver and effortless to pull along on any surface. They come equipped with top and side handles to facilitate easy pickup and a strong grip. The suitcases also feature secured number locks for total peace of mind. 


The Goa collection is built with 100% polypropylene which lends excellent durability as well as strength to these suitcases. The hard shell ensures your luggage remains protected at all times. It absorbs bumps and pops back its original shape without any cracks or breakage.

Check out the Nasher Miles’ Goa Luggage Sets range, choose the one that matches your persona, and order one or the entire set now!