5 Distinct Experiences You Must Explore in Manali | Nasher Miles

5 Distinct Experiences You Must Explore in Manali | Nasher Miles

Manali is a destination which never gets old-fashioned, regardless of the season. You might want to travel to Manali in the summer to escape the heat or witness spellbounding snow-clad mountains in the winter season. However, before you list your itinerary, let us take you through the five distinct experiences you must explore in Manali.


Paragliding in the Solang Valley

Solang Valley is a place that satisfies wanderlust and offers visitors the chance to fly majestically over the skies like a free bird. You can overcome all internal dread and experience an adrenaline rush by engaging in thrilling and adventurous sports here. Paragliding in the Solang valley with a loved one is a magnificent experience. Ever considered flying without wings?


The Solang Valley also offers zorbing in addition to paragliding. This ball sport enchants thrill seekers. Also, if you're travelling with your family or as a couple, you will enjoy taking pictures and strutting your stuff on a beautiful day.


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River Rafting in the River Beas


The Beas river enhances the region's splendour and flows beside the roadway to signify the entrance to Manali. There are many exciting activities along the Beas river as it twirls through the mountainous landscape. Prepare for the excitement of riding a raft. Many adventure lovers who visit Manali include this as their fondest experience of the place.


Also, if you want to enjoy total peace of mind away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can sit by the riverside and relax by having a hot cup of coffee. 


Visit the Hadimba Temple

Have you ever wondered why this temple is one of the most popular destinations in Manali? Visit the serene Hadimba Devi Temple, which is situated between two snow-capped mountains. This one-of-a-kind temple honours Hadimba - the mother of Ghatothkach, a Mahabharata mythical figure and Bhim's wife.


The temple is worth a stop since it is exquisitely designed and constructed using a unique architectural style. The Hardimba temple is situated in an area that is fairly quiet and calm, making it a comfortable retreat for anybody looking to relax in the middle of nature.


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Walk along the Mall Road

The mall road is the place to buy some regional goodies. You will be pampered with a choice of lodging alternatives, eateries, and stores that provide a wide range of goods and souvenirs for your consideration.


Woven fabrics, cardigans, coats, locally-made jewellery, antiques, and carved name boards are a few popular products to look at here.


Bathe in the Hot Springs

Manali's icy, chilly air gives a reason enough to enjoy a warm bath that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. There are several hot springs close to Manali where you may go for a pleasant day and escape the chilly surroundings of the hill region.


The most liked locations for hot spring baths in Manali are Vashisht temple and Manikaran village. The best thing is that following a wonderful, long soak in the water, you'll be more resilient to the cold mountain resorts of Manali! This indulging activity is both relaxing and enjoyable.


Final Words


Manali is a popular tourist location for a reason, and there are countless activities you can enjoy here. And to match the mesmerizing vibes of Manali, pick a luggage set that can enhance your travel pics and make you fall in love with travel.