The Ultimate MANALI Packing List! 5 Things You Must Carry

The Ultimate MANALI Packing List! 5 Things You Must Carry

Manali – the land of Gods is known for its picturesque valley and snowclad mountains. Nestled between the Dhauldar and the Pir-Punjal ranges of the Himalayas, it is the go-to place for North Indians to beat the scorching summer season. It won’t be wrong to call Manali – India’s very own Switzerland. The weather is pleasantly mild during summers while bone-chilling during winters. However, whichever time of the year you may choose to visit Manali, the place serves as a much-anticipated getaway for nature lovers and adventure sports enthusiasts. 


1. Warm clothing

Thermal innerwear is a must for a trip to Manali, especially in the forthcoming months of autumn and winter. The night temperature plummets below zero and the day temperature also requires warm clothing to comfortably enjoy your outing. Also, lined sweatpants, joggers, and jackets are much-recommended.


2. A daypack 

Manali is well-connected to numerous tourist sights. A daypack or backpack is quintessential to carry important things while visiting nearby places like Rohtang Pass, Solang Valley, Jogini Falls, etc. A trip to old Manali, or the Manali Sanctuary is also best explored while keeping your hands free and daypack full.


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3. Polarized sunglasses

The altitude of Manali and its nearby areas like Rohtang Pass makes it ideal to carry polarized sunglasses to chase the glare away. If you’re visiting snow-laden areas, it becomes all the more critical to wear sunglasses to steer clear of harsh UV rays and what’s popularly called snow-blindness.


4. Medication

The journey to Manali is one that goes up from plains to mountains and then settles in a valley. It is advisable to carry over-the-counter medications for nausea, vomiting, motion sickness, cold, and fever. Carrying a small medicine kit might sound cliché; however, it can come in handy anytime during your Manali trip.


5. For the nightlife

The nightlife in Manali has expanded its wings in the last few years. However, most visitors still like to embrace the coziness inside their hotel rooms, around fireplaces, or bonfires. The aura gives you the best opportunity to disconnect from the digital world, and reconnect with your family or friends over a game of cards, dumb charades, etc., or even read your favorite book in solitude.


While you’d agree to carry all of these essential items for your trip to Manali, we highly recommend packing everything in a hardside suitcase set. Hardside suitcases can be easily stacked in your car’s trunk or over the top carrier. Hardside suitcases are reckoned as the best travel trolley bags as they are unbreakable, resilient, and extra-lightweight, therefore your ease and satisfaction are guaranteed.