Your Ultimate Guide to Holiday Packing This 2022

Your Ultimate Guide to Holiday Packing This 2022

Every traveller wishes holiday packing was as easy as saying “Jet, Set, Go!” With the holiday season just around the corner, we’ve created this ultimate guide to holiday packing, this 2022.


The right time to start holiday packing

As per experts, you should start packing at least two weeks before your holidays begin. However, just a word of caution here, do not confuse holiday packing with holiday shopping. You must begin holiday shopping at least one month before you venture out. Whether it’s ordering your favourite little black dress, a pair of stylish dress shoes, or luggage set to pack all your holiday essentials, holiday shopping needs time to shop around numerous web stores, get things delivered well in advance, and still have time to accommodate replacements or returns.


As far as holiday packing is concerned, you must begin sorting things two weeks prior to your holiday schedule and resist procrastinating until the last minute. It will give you ample time to pack everything you’ll need on your trip, sans the stress and chaos that last-minute packing ensues.


Things to consider for your holiday packing checklist

#1 Clothing, accessories, toiletries & footwear

Clothing can include your special dresses, shirts, t-shirts, jeans, pants, shorts, skirts, etc., and the bare essentials like bras, briefs, underwear, 

socks, swimsuits, and sleepwear.


Accessories like sunglasses, hats, gloves, belts, wallet, purse, and jewellery must be segregated and packed nicely.


Toiletries need special attention. From sunscreen lotion to your favourite bathing bar, moisturizer and lip balm, your daily skincare regime needs to stay intact while you travel. Sanitisers, disinfecting wipes, sanitary napkins, and tissues are some other must-haves.


Footwear takes centerstage when you have to travel for longer holidays. You must meticulously plan on picking your boots, sneakers, party shoes, and slippers.


#2 Gadgets, credit cards & documents

Gadgets are your lifelines to stay connected to the world and people back home. Make arrangements to carry your laptop, camera, buds, battery bank, charger, tablet, and mobile phone securely.


Next on this checklist are items related to your finances. Be it credit cards, debit cards, digital wallets or cryptocurrency, make sure you have a budget in mind and balance on whichever mode of payment you select to fund your daily outings.


Your travel documents, hotel bookings, insurance, flight tickets, and other important documentation should come in handy as and when needed during your trip.


#3 Snacks & medicines

Though everyone looks forward to splurging on food and having fun all the way on their holidays; it’s good to be prepared for tricky situations, especially if you’re travelling with kids. 


Do not forget to pack some healthy snacks like dry fruits and essential medications to treat those pesky headaches, irritable bowel, and nausea.


#4 What goes in your carry-on luggage


Your carry-on luggage needs meticulous planning, or else your entire in-flight experience can go for a toss. Besides the latest book you’re reading, headphones, travel pillow, and eye mask, think through any in-flight medications or baby formula, valuables, your passport, keys, changing clothes, etc. when packing your carry-on luggage.


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#5 What goes in your check-in luggage

Your check-in luggage will essentially stack everything you’ll need while holidaying. However, be wary of the fact that your checked baggage gets thrown while exchanging multiple hands before you get it back on arrival. Therefore, make sure you don’t keep anything that can get damaged or broken in your check-in luggage. Also, invest in sturdy luggage that can withstand the check-in process.


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Happy Holidays!