Unleashing Summer Elegance: Nasher Miles' Real Collection Takes Flight

Unleashing Summer Elegance: Nasher Miles' Real Collection Takes Flight

Embarking on a journey is not just about reaching a destination; it's an experience, an adventure that reflects in our latest premium luggage collection - Real. Crafted with precision, designed with sophistication, and perfect for your summer travels, the Real collection is set to entice every travel enthusiast to embark on a journey unknown!

Captivating Colours for Summer Sojourns

The Real collection is available in three stunning colours that are sure to entice every traveller dreaming of summer getaways. Choose between the refreshing Teal-Indigo, the vibrant Peach-Yellow, or the calming Blue-Green - each hue is carefully selected to complement the spirit of summer and add a touch of style to your journeys.




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Sizes Tailored for Every Adventure

Nasher Miles knows that every journey is unique, and so is every traveller. The Real collection offers versatility with three different sizes to cater to your specific needs:

20-inch Carry-On: Perfect for short trips and weekend getaways, this compact size ensures you travel light without compromising on style and functionality.

24-inch Medium Spinner: Strike the ideal balance between space and convenience with the medium-sized spinner. Ideal for week-long vacations or business trips, this size offers ample space without sacrificing portability.

28-inch Large Spinner: For extended adventures and long-haul journeys, the large spinner provides generous packing space while maintaining the collection's lightweight and durable nature.




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Material Mastery - Polycarbonate Prowess

The Real collection is crafted from premium polycarbonate, setting a new standard for durability and style in the world of luggage. Polycarbonate is renowned for its high-impact resistance, making it an excellent choice for protecting your belongings against the rigours of travel. Additionally, the material is feather-light, ensuring that your luggage remains manageable even when fully packed.

Not only is polycarbonate robust, but it also offers a sleek and modern aesthetic. The surface is smooth to the touch, providing a canvas for the vibrant colours to shine and making a bold statement wherever your journey takes you.

Features that Enhance Your Journey

Beyond its aesthetic appeal and durability, the Real collection boasts several features designed to elevate your travel experience. The 360-degree spinner wheels ensure smooth navigation through bustling airports and crowded terminals. The telescopic handle offers a comfortable grip and easy manoeuvrability.



Buy Nasher Miles’ Real Teal Blue-Indigo Luggage Set of 3 Trolley Bags

The interior of each piece in the Real collection is intelligently designed to maximize packing efficiency. Adjustable compression straps, zippered pockets, and a spacious main compartment provide organized storage for your belongings, keeping them secure and easily accessible throughout your journey.

Nasher Miles' Real Premium Luggage Collection is not just luggage; it's a companion crafted for the modern traveller. Explore Real Now!