The Monsoon Saga | 4 Travel Gears That Are Your Saviours

The Monsoon Saga | 4 Travel Gears That Are Your Saviours

Monsoon is here! The rain adds a refreshing touch to the surroundings and lures travellers to explore the unknown. It’s one of the best times of the year to take out your travel gear and hit the road. However, the monsoon adventures can come crashing if you don’t plan them well. The kind of travel bags, luggage, and accessories you carry during monsoon travel plays a significant role in your journeys.

Here are four travel gears that will act as saviours during your monsoon escapades or daily commute in the rainy season.

  1. Hardcase luggage

A hardcase suitcase protects your belongings from monsoon showers like no other. Nasher Miles’ hardside suitcases and trolley bags are water-resistant and deter raindrops from drenching your clothing, gadgets, and other belongings. It protects them even if it accidentally comes in contact with roadside splashes, muddy puddles, or wet roads.

  1. Backpack rain cover

This backpack rain cover can come to your rescue when you have “no time to wait for the rain to pass.” Apt for any medium to large-sized backpacks, this backpack rain cover is made from reinforced PU-coated waterproof polyester material. The elasticized circumference ensures a snug fit when it rains while its lightweight enables you to carry it at all times.

  1. Outdoor backpacks

An exclusive range of Nasher Miles outdoor backpacks with built-in rain covers is another popular choice for monsoon travel. Made from premium water-repellent materials, these outdoor backpacks with rain covers have multiple compartments on the inside and quick-access pockets on the outside.

  1. Luggage covers

A classy luggage cover is another item that you must use during your monsoon travel. The highly stretchable yet snug luggage covers from Nasher Miles are made from polyester-spandex. These will take on all the dirt and muck that comes as the part and parcel of monsoon travel and help keep your luggage clean and spruced up.