Softside Luggage – An Overpacker’s Most Cherished Possession

Softside Luggage – An Overpacker’s Most Cherished Possession

Softside luggage has been in demand for decades. The expandable and flexible softside luggage lend ample storage space to travelers who like to be ready for that extra space on demand. Perfect for vacations and business trips that are expected to go beyond planned schedules; here are five things that make softside luggage from Nasher Miles an over packer’s easy win:

  1.      1. Expansion

The #1 reason why some travelers prefer a soft sided suitcase over hard side luggage is its ability to stretch that extra bit with over stuffed.. The Nasher Miles softside trolley bags can be easily expanded by up to 25% of their original size. The extra packing space comes in handy to pack your souvenirs back home or to fit-in “just in case” items.


  1. Sturdiness

Softside luggage is often criticized for falling short on sturdiness compared to their hardside counterparts. However, at Nasher Miles, due care is taken while designing and manufacturing softside suitcases. The use of superior quality polyester and nylon makes the softside bags sturdy, flexible, as well as lightweight. The zippers also play an important role and we ensure that only the most resilient quality zippers are used in our products.

Our range of best soft sided luggage is heavy duty. It is scratch and tear-resistant, easy to clean, and comes with a water-repellent finish.

  1. Colours

Move away from the rhetoric and dull shades of softside luggage and get a “thumbs up” with our vibrant collection every time you set out to embark on a new journey. An assortment of soft-side trolley bags in pink, cyan, red, maroon, purple, navy blue, olive, brown, and the ubiquitous black awaits you at the Nasher Miles softside luggage collection.

  1. Maneuverability

Unlike most softside luggage brands, Nasher Miles soft sided suitcases are built with 4-wheel as well as 8-wheel 360-degree spinner wheels to keep you at ease on any surface. These multi-directional silent spinner wheels don’t need an extra push and glide effortlessly in tandem with you.

  1. Extra space

Multiple compartments on the inside and extra pockets on the outside lend ample space to travelers. Every single collection in the Nasher Miles softside luggage range is meticulously designed to meet every over packer’s needs.

Check the entire range of best softside carry on luggage at Nasher Miles today!