New Launch Alert! Fifth Avenue by Nasher Miles

New Launch Alert! Fifth Avenue by Nasher Miles

Fifth Avenue – the latest luggage sets collection by Nasher Miles can withstand anything. It’s a collection par elegance and resilience built together. Available in six exquisite shades of grey, rose gold, maroon, black, bottle green, and navy, Fifth Avenue presents a dual-toned geometric design that inspires awe.


Shine Like a Diamond

Fifth Avenue Street in the USA is synonymous with affluence. True to its name, the Fifth Avenue collection of Nasher Miles also exudes a certain sheen that goes well with an elite traveller’s persona.


Durability – Designed to Last

The dual-tone hardshell is made of ABS and comes replete with a film of Polycarbonate to absorb high impact and heat while resisting scratches and chemicals. Hence, keeping your favorite suitcases as good as new for years to come. The collection is made from the highly adaptable coextrusion processing technology that absorbs impact as nothing else can.


Expandability – Pack 25% More

Whether you’re an over-packer or under-packer, the Fifth Avenue collection boasts an extra 25% packing capacity. The suitcase’s interior is meticulously designed with a zippered divider, mesh pocket, hinge pocket, and down straps, helping you stay organized. All four sides are well-capable of lending an extra expansion of up to 25% to accommodate everything you want to take back home from your holiday.

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