New Launch Alert! Check the Auroville Hardside Luggage Collection at Nasher Miles

New Launch Alert! Check the Auroville Hardside Luggage Collection at Nasher Miles

The Auroville hardside luggage collection has just landed in the Nasher Miles range of premium luggage sets. The extremely lightweight collection of small, medium and large suitcases is perfect for those planning long trips. Matching accessories and magnificent colors make the Auroville collection stand out from our other top sellers. The suitcases come with multiple compartments and fully lined interiors that exude luxury and finesse.

Available in eight color schemes, the Auroville luggage sets by Nasher Miles are a paradise of calming colours, perfect for making your summer sojourns stylishly planned.




Consider this Mint Green luggage set for an ultra-cool vibe on your next summer trip. It’s a perfect all-in-one carrier of your travel essentials that won’t break under stress.


Flaunted by modern Indian travelers, this Lime Yellow luggage set can be rightly called the King of pastel hues. The lively color adds life to mundane days and inspires awe from fellow travelers.



The two-piece lavender luggage set is perfect for newly-weds or couples travelers who can bask in the dreaminess of this gender-neutral shade.




The rose gold trolley bags can be bought in a two-piece or three-piece luggage sets that add the much-needed zing and energy to your travel escapades.



Peach luggage sets have surpassed even pink luggage sets in popularity. The Auroville peach luggage sets blend neutrality to the otherwise warm base.



Maroon luggage sets represent the feisty spirit and love for adventure. Derived from the warm hues of chestnut maroon is the color of love, passion, and high energy.



The Auroville grey luggage set represents serenity. The hue brings calmness and a sense of respite to action-packed long travels.



This black luggage set from the Auroville collection depicts confidence. The poise and self-assurance to take on the world as you explore its hidden gems.

Each color from the Nasher Miles Auroville collection caters to the distinct taste and personal style of today’s travelers. What’s your personal style? Explore the Auroville collection and deep dive into a sea of exclusive hues.