Five Trolley Bags to Flex & Flaunt on Your Next Trip

Five Trolley Bags to Flex & Flaunt on Your Next Trip

Travellers like to flex their travel bags as much as they love to share their adventures and travel experiences. In today's social media-driven world, travellers often want to share moments from their travels with their followers. A stylish luggage design can make for an aesthetically pleasing photo and contribute to the overall travel experience. Here’s a round-up of our top five trolley bags that take your flex and flaunt game to the next level, while serving as durable travel baggage that can withstand any condition and last for years.


#1 Travel Bags | Mumbai Collection

Stylish traveller bags from our Mumbai collection carry your dreams besides safely packing your belongings. Available in eight diverse colours, these travel trolley bags are made with 100% Polypropylene hard shells to protect personal belongings wherever you go.


#2 Dual-toned Luggage | Istanbul Collection

The Istanbul collection’s dual-coloured travel bags are definitely twice the fun. Made from sturdy Co-extrusion polycarbonate, this trolley bag is a treat to everyone’s eyes and class apart.



#3 Traveller Bags | Goa Collection

If Goa is a dream destination for your next trip, then multicolour trolley bags from our Goa collection are a reminder to plan it soon. The premium impact absorbent shell is made from 100% polypropylene and packs everything you’ll need under the sun.


#4 Trolley Bags | Paris Collection

Travel bags from our Paris collection are every bit Insta-worthy and add to the ambience of the world’s fashion capital. A luggage set from the Paris collection is your treasure trove to pack everything you need to live your best vacay.


#5 Traveling Bags | Bruges Collection

Pack to your heart’s content and jet-set-go with these stylish travelling bags from the Bruges collection. Whether it’s a workation or a trip with the family, the Bruges collection adds magic to your photos while keeping your belongings intact.