5 Travel Resolutions to Ring in the New Year with a Bang

5 Travel Resolutions to Ring in the New Year with a Bang

2023 has arrived, and it’s time to ring in the new year with travel resolutions from the lessons learnt in 2022. It’s also the best time to take stock of things and plan to make the best of what lies ahead. Here are five travel resolutions for not just the vagabonds but the innate wanderers residing inside every soul.


#1 Plan a Family Trip

Nothing makes your life more beautiful than a loving family. However, it takes some effort to nurture that bond with your parents, spouse, or children. A yearly family trip is all you need to create magical moments in 2023. Make it a priority, set aside a month, go for it, and thank us later!


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#2 Take an Extra Day Off

We all live a hyper-hustle lifestyle, which can at times get on our nerves. Take an extra day off along the weekend and plan a getaway with friends to relax, rejuvenate, and refuel yourself to dream big and work towards your goals.


A solo trip, too, works wonders for those seeking self-introspection and deep insight to make big changes in life.


#3 Say yes to Workation

In 2022, we realized that workation adds the extra zing to business travel. Even when you’re travelling for work, you can plan ahead and take some time out post your work hours to explore the best places in the locale, eat out at good food outlets, and discover a whole new culture.


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#4 Try a New Mode of Transport

If you’re used to taking road trips, plan your next journey by train. Explore the seawaters by travelling on a cruise or taking a boat ride at a nearby lake. Schedule a biking trip to Leh or set yourself up for a cycling challenge to a nearby nature reservoir.


Similarly, try diverse stays like staying at a boutique hotel, a treehouse, a campsite, cottages, a resort, etc. The key is to move out of your comfort zone to acquaint yourself with the unknown experiences that enrich your sojourns.


#5 Be a Good Traveller

Finally, but most importantly, be a good traveller. Respect the place and people you meet during your journeys. Think about the environment before throwing off waste; remember there are trash bins all around. Be responsible for not just yourself but also for those travelling with you. Above all, be mindful of how you act while travelling so that you have only memories to cherish when you return home!