5 Things You Must Know About Carry - On Luggage Bags

5 Things You Must Know About Carry - On Luggage Bags

Do you travel frequently or just occasionally? Well, the fear of passing through airport security may be somewhat real. That’s why we have put up a list of 5 things you must know about cabin luggage bags to ease your mind while you take a flight and enjoy a comfortable flying experience. This article can serve as a cheat sheet to help you avoid unnecessary hassles at the airport:


Size Matters

As per American Airlines (AA), your cabin bag must not exceed 22x14x9 inches in size. Go by the rule that your cabin luggage should easily fit in the overhead bin, and a personal item like a bag or purse should adjust under the seat in front of you. 


Avoid Objects With Points Or Blades

Sharp objects should never be kept in a cabin bag. Items related to martial arts and self-defence, knives, box scissors, cutlasses and sabres, screwdrivers, nail guns, and staplers are prohibited. You must avoid bringing these in your hand baggage.


If you don’t want to cause a scene at the airport, stay away from bringing 

replicas of weapons and bullets for play in your carry-on luggage.


Fortunately, you are permitted to bring your shaver in your carry-on. Any type of ball, physical arts equipment, or devices that can be used to strike or throw something at someone are additional items you must avoid packing in your hand baggage.


The Liquid Rule

Airlines follow a simple rule when it comes to liquids in carry-ons – they must fit into a quart-sized bag. Anything below 3.4 ounces (100 ml) can be brought on board in carry-on luggage, and items larger than that go in checked baggage. However, this Liquid’s rule doesn’t apply to medications and child food.


Grocery Items, Cake, Pickles, Coconuts, and A Drone Camera

Yes, the aforementioned goods will not be permitted in your hand baggage, particularly when flying domestically. Therefore, be careful not to own the following objects since they may be hard-heartedly taken away from you.


Avoid Bringing Two Laptops

You can bring one laptop, but not more than that in the carry-on bag. Therefore, think twice before offering to assist someone to relocate their computers to a new city. The plan won’t work.


Your travel cabin determines how much cabin luggage you are allowed. Based on the flight cabin, travellers can bring one or two pieces of cabin luggage along with one accessory, like a purse, satchel, or laptop bag. The booking and the ticket both display the travel cabin.



The prohibited things you cannot bring in your cabin luggage vary between airlines. Additionally, it varies from country to country. Therefore, it is advisable to browse through the internet and research before flying with your chosen airline.


Please follow all flight safety standards to avoid delays at security gates while preparing. To ensure a comfortable and on-time trip, all passengers must abide by the check-in and hand baggage rules.